Real Time with Bill Maher S9E33

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Real Time with Bill Maher Season 9 Episode 33 : October 28, 2011

Guests: Tax reform lobbyist Grover Norquist, journalist Michelle Goldberg, CNN foreign correspondent Michael Ware, philosopher Cornel West, Republican strategist Ron Christie. Topics: Herman Cain's creepy ad, Fallout from the Status of Forces Agreement, brutality of treatment of Gaddafi's corpse, Iran, Occupy Wall Street, Newt Gingrich as a big thinker, class warfare, recreational drugs vs. prescription drugs

NameReal Time with Bill Maher Season 9 : October 28, 2011
Air DateOctober 28th, 2011
GenresComedy, Talk
Guest StarsGrover Norquist, Cornel West
Plot Keywordspolitics, usa politics
Bill Maher
Bill Maher
Self - Host

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