Real Time with Bill Maher S9E20

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Real Time with Bill Maher Season 9 Episode 20 : June 17, 2011

Guests: Ray Kurzweil, columnist Ross Douthat, Public Notice executive director Gretchen Hamel, pundit Chris Matthews, comedian Kevin Nealon Topics: Mitt Romney, FEMA, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, Republicans rooting for America to fail, Rep. Anthony Weiner scandal, Tracy Morgan, hunting, freedom vs. entitlement, Rick Perry's spiritual solutions to national problems

NameReal Time with Bill Maher Season 9 : June 17, 2011
Air DateJune 17th, 2011
GenresComedy, Talk
Guest StarsChris Matthews, Ross Douthat, Kevin Nealon
Plot Keywordspolitics, usa politics
Bill Maher
Bill Maher
Self - Host

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